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supported production:
mia rovegno’s nothin’s gonna change my world…on the brooklyn waterfront!

Get tickets here! Mia Rovegno’s nothin’s gonna change my world was developed in part in the inaugural year of New Georges’ Audrey Residency program; and workshopped beautifully in our 2014 New Georges Jam on Toast festival.  At last!  Coming to … Continue reading


water workshop: week 2

WATER workshop week 1 More about the WATER project We’d conceptualized on Saturday, but we re-conceptualized on Monday, then third time was the charm! Meanwhile, sound / lights / and oh that video made some serious magic!  Click these links to … Continue reading

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water workshop: week 1

We met, we set up loads of technology, we hung projectors, we hung lights, we made sounds, we made carts, we met some more, we ordered water, we found receptacles, we brainstormed, we showed and told, we storyboarded, and we took … Continue reading


Back to 3LD with Callaghan & Topol + see what we’re making, open studio 5/20

Check out workshop week 1: photos here! Flashback, June 2006: after a two-year development process, New Georges produces DEAD CITY, Sheila Callaghan’s contemporary adaptation of Ulysses, directed by Daniella Topol, at brand-new 3LD Art & Technology Center – it’s the first … Continue reading

Spare Rib invitation

supported project: gloria steinem + samantha bee, spare rib for a cause!

We’re so happy to support of affiliated playwright Winter Miller’s play Spare Rib, which we’ve seen in several contexts this year… all clearly building up to this one!  And directed by affiliated artist Adrienne Campbell-Holt!  Join us — it’s going … Continue reading


susan on the scene podcast: listen up!

“Listen to hear how Susan produces offbeat work without sacrificing sustainability and how you can even have her work performed in your living room.” — Sean Douglass for The Scene Got 33 minutes?  New Georges Artistic Director Susan Bernfield offers a pretty … Continue reading


our community: the muse project begets stet!

We told you last fall about how we were proudly partnering with actor Jocelyn Kuritsky, with additional support from The New Group, on The Muse Project, a new initiative that moves female actors to the center of the process by charging … Continue reading


our community: friend art @ second stage uptown began in the jam!

Just taking a moment to tell you about FRIEND ART, currently running at Second Stage Uptown — because collaborators Sofia Alvarez and Portia Krieger a) met, and b) started working on FRIEND ART in the New Georges Jam!  So we’re … Continue reading