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mj & adrienne’s audrey residency project premieres in september!

We’re, shall we say, over the moon that Colt Coeur is producing MJ Kaufman & Adrienne Campbell-Holt’s 2014-15 Audrey Residency project, HOW TO LIVE ON EARTH, and so proud that they made this play here. Featuring NG alums Genesis Oliver (PRIMAL … Continue reading


the spree
continues 9/28!

Click here to discover the spree — and buy tickets! What’s a “progressive festivity”?  A series of events from May through October that we hope will bring you closer to all of us at New Georges.  Summer report:  one great event (New Orleans … Continue reading

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wow. sarah cameron sunde’s 36.5 hits The netherlands!

Sarah Cameron Sunde is our deputy artistic director, a New Georges director and staff member since 2001! We want you to know about her amazing time-based art project, 36.5, in which she stands in a tidal bay in an urban environment for a full tidal cycle, … Continue reading


DIARY movie,
sundance “darling,” in theaters 8/7!

In theaters August 7! Read the fantastic New York Times feature! “How do you take Phoebe Gloeckner’s 2002 novel about a teen who loses her virginity to her mother’s boyfriend and not make it salacious or downright creepy? You put it … Continue reading


now I can’t wait for the holidays: how to get into buildings!

EXPLODED VIEW = n. An illustration or diagram of a construction that shows its parts separately but in positions that indicate their proper relationships to the whole. is New Georges’ next production. December 3-19, 2015 at The Brick in Williamsburg, … Continue reading


kate & lee!
obie awards!

“…somehow the playwright and director who created this resplendently strange world seem to share a brain and a heartbeat as well as a unique theatrical vision.  For showing us the unifying power of collaboration with such daring theatricality, the judges … Continue reading


TONY critics’ pick! ariel stess’ “lively, playful” heartbreak @ The Bushwick Starr

Learn more about Heartbreak! Directions to The Bushwick Starr! Ariel Stess & Noel Allain interviewed in Culturebot! Ari interviewed in New York Theatre Review! Buy tickets now! 4 Stars! Critic’s Pick! “The play demands we hush ourselves, that we tamp … Continue reading


learn more about heartbreak

HEARTBREAK basic info! Directions to The Bushwick Starr! Ariel Stess & Noel Allain interviewed in Culturebot! Read the Times review! Read the Time Out New York review! Buy tickets now! Hallways. Heartbreak. A tale of love, loss, power, soccer, and growing … Continue reading