terraNOVA Collective’s Groundworks: New Play Series
at the New Ohio during G$M!

New Georges is THRILLED to sponsor terraNOVA Collective’s Groundworks during our time at the New Ohio.  We’re great admirers of terraNOVA and this series, which features members of their awesome Groundbreakers Playwrights Program.  Kind of a great batch of readings, frankly, and not just cause our affiliated artists Anna Ziegler, Jen Silverman, Jessi D. Hill and Lynn Rosen (who’ll get to hear her new play on the set of her other play!) are involved.  Check it out!

Groundworks logo
Groundworks: New Play Series
April 13-27
The New Ohio Theatre

terraNOVA Collective is proud to present seven new plays in development as part of our Groundworks: New Play Series 

The Groundworks: New Play Series is terraNOVA’s initiative to showcase new play development projects and expose this work to artistic leaders, industry professionals and the general public. All 7 playwrights have come through the Groundbreakers Playwrights Program.

DonnettaLavinia Grays, Lynn Rosen, Andrew Rosendorf, Jen Silverman, Susan Soon He Stanton, and Anna Ziegler are all members of the 2012-13 Groundbreakers Playwrights Group. Snehal Desai is Groundbreaker alum from 2009-10.

All performances will take place at the New Ohio Theatre, 154 Christopher Street, between Greenwich and Washington. 

Tickets are available at the box office, with a suggested donation of $10. 
Advance tickets can be purchased online at the links below, with a free drink token for guests.

Our Groundworks: New Play Series is happily sponsored by NEW GEORGES,
and supported by Brooklyn Brewery and Monsieur Touton Wine.

CASTS for the Groundworks: New Play Series will be announced this week!

Written by Anna Ziegler
Directed by Erik Pearson
Saturday, April 13th at 3pm
Inspired by a true story, BOY explores the complicated terrain of trying to find love in a new body, and the inextricable bonds between doctor and patient–creator and creation.
Advance tickets available here.

Written by Andrew Rosendorf
Directed by Lucie Tiberghien
Tuesday, April 16th at 3pm
Everything changes for a teenage paraplegic when her estranged brother returns to the family home. Disability, raging hormones and guilt are all confronted by the fractured family in this story about the pain of growing up.
Advance tickets available here.

Written by DonnettaLavinia Grays
Directed by Jo Cattell
Tuesday, April 16th at 7pm
A young and self-righteous art critic finds her ardent beliefs shaken once she challenges those of an iconic artist. As their lives intertwine and careers sky-rocket to the detriment of their personal lives, secrets are made and revealed, hearts are broken, and art is created in this sexy, face-paced drama that explores loss and sacrifice.
Advance tickets available here.

Written and directed by Snehal Desai
Saturday, April 20th at 3pm
Poor SitaDesi. Her husband Apu has been killed in his prime by a slurpee machine. Now at his funeral, a wild and raucous company demand she make a choice between a public demonstration of her love for him and her own dreams. Stereotypes and myths of brown-ness are exploded, exploited, re-arranged, and re-envisioned as a woman faces a choice to become a goddess or remain mortal.
Advance tickets available here.

Written by Susan Soon He Stanton
Directed by Victor Maog
Tuesday, April 23rd at 3pm
Alona, an elderly East Village shut in, just wants peace and quiet. But her life is turned upside-down when her apartment is broken into by a mysterious woman in a long fur coat. Inspired by a Brothers Grimm tale, Furball is a quirky comedy that transforms New York into a dark fairy tale landscape.
Advance tickets available here.

Written by Lynn Rosen
Directed by Kimberly Faith Hickman
Tuesday, April 23rd at 7pm
A dysfunctional marriage ends when Bill vanishes without a trace. The police are suspicious of his wife, Lydia, who has never seemed so happy. IN THE BLUE plumbs the dark comedic depths about the fictions we create to redefine our reality.
Advance tickets available here.

Written by Jen Silverman
Directed by Jessi D. Hill
Saturday, April 27th at 3pm
Sofie is an unhappy housewife. Gregor is her bread-wining husband. Dr Franz is their psychiatrist. And Wink is the cat. Violent desires, domestic terrorism, and feline vengeance at any cost make WINK a dark comedy about the thin, thin line between savagery and civilization.
Advance tickets available here.


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