the BIG auction is now online! start your bidding!

Is this our best auction ever???  

YOU BE THE JUDGE — click here to see all the items on display at the BIG event Sunday. Start your bidding today!  If you won’t be there Sunday, let us know your top bid and we’ll bid FOR ya*!

A sneak peak —

Lucy Alibar, Anne Washburn & Mr. Burns, A Post-Electric Play, Laura Eason & Sex With Strangers, Major League pitcher Will Ohman,The Great Comet & a FULL YEAR of Ars Nova, The Vineyard Theatre, BAM, Roundabout, Dar Williams, lobster, cheese, personal training, tarot reading, 2 groovy downtown re-developers and MORE MORE MORE!!!!

How much more?  Now’s when you CLICK!


* online auction will end at 5pm on Sunday, September 22, when the auction moves to the live event. If you are the leading online bidder at that time and will not physically be at the event, you may email your high bid to We will continue to bid for you until if and when your high bid is surpassed. Please email Jaynie no later than 5pm Sunday! If at the end of the live event, you remain the leading bidder, Jaynie will be in touch! Happy bidding!


sound house…

9 PERFORMANCES ONLY!  BUY TICKETS! IN REP WITH THIS IS THE COLOR DESCRIBED BY THE TIME …a “multidimensional object” inspired by the haunted sound worlds of British composer Daphne Oram, inventor of Oramics, a multi-strand sound-generating machine that preceded the … Continue reading

2 lyrical new plays steeped in sound…
performances start February 14

BUY TICKETS NOW! MORE ABOUT SOUND HOUSE MORE ABOUT THIS IS THE COLOR DESCRIBED BY THE TIME New Georges presents two lyrical new plays steeped in SOUND using sound to alter the focus of perception and sculpt story in intimate … Continue reading

this is the color
described by the time…

9 PERFORMANCES ONLY! BUY TICKETS NOW! PRESENTED IN REP WITH SOUND HOUSE …your very own headphones drop you inside the imagined unconscious of avant-garde writer Gertrude Stein, pursuing her everyday routine in France as World War II erupts all around … Continue reading


NEW GEORGES + ITS BOARD OF DIRECTORS INVITE YOU TO BIG BENEFIT ’17: TIERING UP! TUESDAY OCTOBER 3! 6.30PM THE GARDEN PARTY Classy cocktails in and out of doors — look sharp! 1st dibs on playlets + special surprises / … Continue reading