Be a jammer,
join the jam!

At last, it’s time!  For the first time in two years, The New Georges Jam is accepting applications for new Jammers!

If you’re an early-career playwright OR director with a strong theatrical vision, The Jam might be for you!  Download the application just below (JamGuidelines2016) for much much more information — and send along to by Monday June 6.


P.S.  We’ve had a few questions about the QUESTIONS.  Thanks for asking!  Herewith some answers:

What is one collaborative project you’d like to work on in The Jam?  This could be something in an idea stage, or something you’ve embarked on and would like to develop with the input and possible collaboration of other Jammers. Existing collaborations or substantially developed projects are discouraged. The Jam is a forum where we celebrate new ways of working and stepping outside your comfort zone, so we encourage you to propose projects that are theatrical and represent a new step for you as an artist.

Tell us about a “jam session” or workshop you’d like to lead for the group.  This can be about sharing your expertise, or creating an opportunity to learn something new as a group. Some examples of past jam sessions:
–a discussion about directing and writing for opera
–a conversation about video work samples
–a Lecoq workshop
–a conversation about staging sex scenes
–a workshop on creating movement

Who is one guest speaker or panelist you’d like to bring into The Jam?  This can be someone you have a relationship with, or someone you’ve always wanted to meet who we would extend an invitation to. Unfortunately, we don’t have a travel budget, though we often snag out-of-town artists when they are working in New York.



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