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from top:  Richard Toth, Keilly McQuail; Richard Toth; Seth Clayton, Noel Joseph Allain, Paul Ketchum; Keilly McQuail, Seth Clayton; Richard Toth, Mary Rasmussen; Richard Toth, Seth Clayton, Paul Ketchum; Noel Joseph Allain, Keilly McQuail

photos: Jessica Osber
postcard photo/design: Sue Kessler

written & directed by Ariel Stess

a co-production with The Bushwick Starr
May 13-30 2015

Hallways. Heartbreak. 
A tale of love, loss, power, soccer, and growing up.

performed by Noel Joseph Allain, Seth Clayton, Paul Ketchum, Keilly McQuail, Mary Rasmussen, Richard Toth

designed by Meredith Ries, Tristan Raines, Eric Southern, Chris Giarmo, Patrice Escandon

PSM Eric Marlin   Assistant director Jordan J. Baum
Production Manager Ann Marie Dorr     Line Producer Amanda Kate Joshi

Heartbreak was developed in New Georges’ Audrey Residency program and as part of The Bushwick Starr’s 2014-15 season!

Ariel Stess & Noel Allain interviewed in Culturebot!
Ari interviewed in New York Theatre Review!

4 Stars! Critic’s Pick! “The play demands we hush ourselves, that we tamp down our hunger for entertainment. In the quiet, we can enjoy Stess’s tiny throwaway jokes as though they were knee-slappers of the highest order.” Helen Shaw, Time Out NY

“Her language is lively and playful and it makes you sit up in your seat, the better to hear it… her style is so vivid that the next time Ms. Stess puts together a party — or a meeting or whatever it is — I’ll want to be on the guest list.”Alexis Soloski, The New York Times

“A daring new play!” — Theatre is Easy; a Theasy Best Bet! 

“It delivers emotional daggers… but Stess’s sardonic humor lifts us with cyclical bouts of wordplay and miscommunication. The audience gets to follow threads of logic for a loop before we lose track and are forced to latch onto a new system.  Stess spins distinct universes with her language which folds in and out like a drunk kaleidoscope.”
— CultureBot
















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