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mikesteph How-to-Get-Into-Buildings-featuring-Jess-Barbagallo-Photo-Credit-Jessica-Osber How-to-Get-Into-Buildings-featuring-Kristine-Haruna-Lee-and-Jacob-A.-Ware-Photo-Credit-Andre-Callot 8018830_orig




























from top:  Kristine Haruna Lee, Jess Barbagallo, Jacob A. Ware, Mike Iveson; Jacob A. Ware, Kristine Haruna Lee; Kristine Haruna Lee, Stephanie Weeks; Mike Iveson, Stephanie Weeks; Jess Barbagallo; Kristine Haruna Lee & company; Jacob A. Ware, Stephanie Weeks, Mike Iveson, Kristine Haruna Lee

production photos by Jessica Osber; diner photo by Andrew Callot
graphic design: Justin Winslow

by Trish Harnetiaux
directed by Katherine Brook

at The Brick
December 3 to 19, 2015

An exploded view of love:
confusion blends with confidence, time keeps shifting, amateurs are experts, and brunch can be fatal.

with Jess Barbagallo, Mike Iveson, Kristine Haruna Lee, Tina Shepard, Jacob A. Ware, Stephanie Weeks

design by Chris Giarmo, Normandy Sherwood, Josh Smith with Katherine Brook

choreography by David Neumann

PSM Jaimie Van Dyke     assistant director Leigh Walter
production manager Rob Signom

“★★★★In Katherine Brook’s confident production…
it’s an ensemble made up entirely of the downtown
goofballs who usually steal the show
, and here they’re
all trying to snaffle the night from each other. A treat!”
Time Out New York

“Put a Walter Mitty-esque imagination through
an experimental theatre blender
, and you may
come close to the spirit and tone of Trish Harnetiaux’s
new play.  A solid dose of giddiness
Exeunt Magazine

“Playwright Trish Harnetiaux has crafted a piece
that is laugh-out-loud funny and at the same
time a reminder to embrace every seemingly
insignificant moment of your life… entertaining & hilarious!
New York Theatre Review“A very wonderful cast including Kristine Haruna Lee and Jess Barbagallo whose humanity delightfully oozes out of them in their playful offering of the language and irresistible presence… a beautifully wrought and well acted experiment that leaves you thinking.” — CultureBot

 “A wild, wildly funny ride!” — Culture Catch

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