Meet Cycle 3: the 2015-16 Audrey residents are here!

Announcing Cycle 3, the new group of Audrey residents at New Georges!

Named for Audrey Bernfield, Susan’s mom, who passed away in 2012 (an innovative mentor and of course a great supporter of our company), the year-long residencies are project-based, collaboration-focused, and consist of up to 3 weeks spent making a play in The Room over the course of the year, a monthly meal with the full resident community, and resources we muster as needs emerge.

Once again this year, the residencies support 11 residents working on 7 highly-theatrical new works.  Here they are!

Director Jessica Bauman will expand development of collaborator Shailly Agnihotri’s Cosmic Dancer, a play at the intersection of Hindu mythology and western dramatic structure, by experimenting with text, puppetry, and Indian classical dance and music.

Playwright Hilary Bettis will collaborate with a set designer and a cellist on Frida Kahlo Make Me Hot, blending music and color and words to discover an unconventional language, bring Kahlo’s iconic imagery to life onstage, and make a play as messy and visceral as her paintings.

Playwright Sarah DeLappe and director Morgan Green will gather a team of male actors and mine their private histories of public restrooms.  As collaborators on Men’s Room, they trespass on a space unknown to them, and explore the theatrical potential of one of the only public spaces that belong, by definition, to men.

Stephanie Fleischmann and director Debbie Saivetz will investigate the performative possibilities and impossibilities of a literary text in Sound House, Stephanie’s meditation on invisibility, electronic composer/inventor Daphne Oram, disappearing mothers, doorbell ditching and the almshouses of Haarlem, NL.

Julia May Jonas and Meghan Finn will create a piece around a series of actual murders of Michigan college women in the 1960s.  A mix of scripted and devised material will embrace the pleasure and abandon of the time, set it against the potent threat of violence and terror, and reveal connections between the source material and the state of feminism today.

Director Colette Robert, along with a company of black female artists, will use text, music and movement to develop an immersive theatrical event inspired by New Orleans black debutante ball culture.

Playwright Caitlin Saylor Stephens and director Portia Krieger will explore practical and magical combinations of music, text, video, and bodies as they dive deep into Two Men Missing In The Hudson River, a play that chronicles the underwater afterlife of characters lost in icy waters.

Read here about Cycle 1 and Cycle 2 residents & projects!

Cycle 3 of The Audrey Residencies at New Georges is supported by a generous grant from The Mary Duke Biddle Foundation.

cover: Audrey Bernfield, 1976


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