The audrey residency summit: September 16, 17 & more!


In four speedy years, our Audrey Residency program — 3 weeks spent working on a new-play project over the course of a year + a monthly community gathering — has become a productive, indispensable delight.  44 affiliated artists have passed through it, individually or in collaboration — nearly a quarter of our artist community.  Their 28 fiercely inventive projects enter at various stages of development, and leave at various stages of development… and because this is no ordinary program, we’ve never quite found a way to provide an ordinary end-of-year culminating event. So here goes something!

Presenting the 1st
featuring excerpts, full readings, open studio events
and conversations based on the resident-hosted, prompt-based
community chats at the heart of each residency year

SEPTEMBER 16 & 17 20017

in The Room at 520 8th Avenue and other spaces on the floor.

Herewith the general schedule — stay tuned for more details!

Saturday, September 16

11:30    A little pre-chat brunch in The Room

12 to 12:45pm  Conversation 1:  Perps, Pervs & Prossies: The Appeal of Writing “The Bad Woman”  Why does writing feminine immorality still feel like a subversive, feminist act?

1 to 1:45pm   Conversation 2:  Text as Theater   How do we make work in which the visual, spatial and sonic function as texts on the level of the text. How can those elements contribute to the evolution of the text? How to go about a playwright-driven devising process?

2pm:  Open Studio in The Room — chat with residents about their projects over documentation & snacks!

4pm:  Presentation: excerpts from residency projects including the work of Lauren Feldman/Larissa Lury, Eliza Bent/Annie Tippe, Caitlin Saylor Stephens/Portia Krieger, Brenda Withers, Cheri Magid, more to come

5:30pm:  Open Studio

7:30pm:  Presentation: excerpts from residency projects including the work of Caitlin Saylor Stephens/Portia Krieger, Lauren Feldman/Larissa Lury, Katherine M. Carter/Jacqueline Goldfinger followed by Open Studio

Sunday, September 17

2 to 4pm:  Conversation 3:  Art Versus Life  How do we keep our artistic practice going over time? How do we change the culture around theater and parenting? How can our work continue to evolve as the demands of our life continue to evolve?

4pm:  Open Studio in The Room

6:30pm:  Closing party + Open Studio + Presentations of excerpts including the work of Colette Robert, Lauren Feldman/Larissa Lury, Elyse Singer/Carson Kreitzer/Carolyn Baeumler, Julia May Jonas/Meghan Finn, more to come!

In the Open Studio: Cheri Magid, Lauren Feldman/Larissa Lury, Kate Scelsa, MJ Kaufman/Adrienne Campbell-Holt, Giselle Ty, Susan Zeeman Rogers/Elena Araoz, Colette Robert, Saviana Stanescu/Tamilla Woodard, Katherine M. Carter/Jacqueline Goldfinger, more to come!

Keep checking back for updates + additional summit events and conversations


Continuing events:  full presentations
in The Room or The Bruce Mitchell Room, both at 520 8th Avenue, 3rd Floor

Friday October 6, 3pm:  The Gaba Girl by Cheri Magid, directed by T. Ryder Smith  in The Room

Monday October 9, 7pm:  The Harriet Holland Social Club Presents the 84th Annual Star-Burst Cotillion in the Grand Ballroom of the Renaissance Hotel written & directed by Colette Robert    in The Room

Monday October 16, 3pm: Bonnie’s Last Flight by Eliza Bent, directed by Annie Tippe  in The Room

Monday October 23, 7pm: All Will be Forgiven, Eventually written & directed by Cusi Cram  in The Room

Monday October 30, 7pm:  I am Romeo/Casa Cushman written & directed by Leigh Fondakowski  in the Bruce Mitchell Room

And check back for updated times and locations!

Resident artists and collaborations year by year — click the cycle to read about their projects as originally announced!

Cycle 1, 2013-14   Cheri Magid, Lizzie Olesker & Sarah Krohn, Mia Rovegno & Meghan Finn, Jen Silverman, Peggy Stafford & Alexandra Aron, Ariel Stess, Tamilla Woodard & Saviana Stanescu

Cycle 2, 2014-15  Elena Araoz & Susan Zeeman Rogers, Cusi Cram, Gina Femia, Leigh Fondakowski, MJ Kaufman & Adrienne Campbell-Holt, Carson Kreitzer & Elyse Singer & Carolyn Baeumler, Brenda Withers

Cycle 3, 2015-16   Jessica Bauman, Hilary Bettis, Sarah DeLappe & Morgan Green, Stephanie Fleischmann & Debbie Saivetz, Julia May Jonas & Meghan Finn, Colette Robert, Caitlin Saylor Stephens & Portia Krieger

Cycle 4, 2016-17  Eliza Bent & Annie Tippe, Lauren Feldman & Larissa Lury, Jacqueline Goldfinger & Katherine M. Carter, Patricia Ione Lloyd & Martha Banta, Kate Scelsa, Andrea Thome & Lisa Rothe, Giselle Ty

Who the heck is Audrey?  Audrey Bernfield, Susan’s mom, passed away in 2012, just before the residency idea took shape.


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